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Almost everyone in the world has heard the name Donald Trump and that is because he is a very famous and wealthy man. He has developed many skyscrapers and been involved in real estate projects for most of his life and is the chief CEO of Trump Organization. However, few people really know Trump’s background and how he became the man he is today.

Trump’s father amassed his own real estate empire and when Trump graduated from college with a degree in economics he went to work for his father. He learned much from his father and during the ‘80s when tax concessions were easy to come by, especially from a dealmaker like Trump, he was able to amass his own fortune in real estate, sports, and other investments.

Today Trump is famous for his real estate ventures, other investments, beautiful wives, and involvement in the reality show The Apprentice. However, some people might say Trump is most famous for his famous comb-over that is the butt of many jokes. Currently, Trump is still involved in real estate projects in Manhattan and New York and claims to be the biggest developer in the area. His new model wife is pregnant with their first child.