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Gene Simmons has become a household name and it not only popular for his singing abilities but he is also now respected in the business community as well. Gene Simmons was born in Israel on August 25th 1949 and was named Chaim Witz. His parents were Hungarian and his mother and brother were the only members of her family to survive the holocaust. Gene immigrated to the US at the age of eight with his mother, his father choose to stay behind. On arriving in the US, Gene's mother took her maiden name and changed his name to Eugene Klein. He then chose to change his name again in the late 1960's in honor to the musician jumping Gene Simmons.

Gene became interested in music at an early age and in his teenage years he formed a band called the Missing Links. The band broke up shortly afterwards and Gene continued to do odd jobs to help pay for equipment and traveling expenses. Gene went on to form yet another band in the 1970's and even recorded an album but it was not released until much later.

This was the point in Gene's life when he knew he wanted to form an ultimate rock band and he and the rest of the band began looking for a drummer that could fulfill their wishes. After finding their drummer and then their lead guitarist, KISS was formed. Although Gene wasn't the front man on the stage he knew there was money to be made through their image and merchandise. Gene began to create an image for the band and focused on making money through their look.

Although Gene is a fantastic musician he has also produced and created TV shows. He even produced his own reality TV show where the cameras fallowed him and his family. Gene is money motivated and can see a good idea and how to make money from it; this is what has made him the man he is today. Not all of his business ideas have worked though and in 2002 he launched a men's magazine called Tongue unfortunately it was stopped after only the 5th issue.

Simmons owns Simmons records, a clothing line called Money Bag and a brand marketing firm. Gene can speak four different languages and is currently learning Chinese as well. He has learned how to play the game well and still is able to keep his and KISS's brand in the public eye.

The merchandise from KISS still sells very well and he makes a great deal from the rights for the 3000 licensed products that he promotes. Gene has an amazing approach to business and he believes that you should never invest in something you know nothing about. If you know the product well then you can invest and promote it to the best of your ability.