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As of 2009 Glenn Beck hosts the Glen Beck Show on Fox News and the Glenn Beck Program on Premiere Radio Network. Beck’s infectious energy and controversial and cynical political views have catapulted him to star status. He is watched by both his adoring audience and his critical left wing adversaries. 

Glenn Beck was born in Everett Washington February 10, 1964 to William and Mary Beck.  William and Mary co owned and operated City Bakery in downtown Mount Vernon. Beck's parents divorced in 1977 and Glenn moved with his mother to Sumner, Washington. After his mother's death in 1979, Beck moved to his father’s home in Bellingham. In 1982 Beck graduated from Sehome High School.

Becks first “media” job was in Provo, Utah work a short six month stint at radio station KAYK. Shortly after leaving KAYK, Beck moved Washington D.C. to work for WPGC.
While working at WPGC Beck met Claire, married, and had two daughters, Mary and Hannah. The couple divorced in 1994. Beck admits to alcohol and drug problems during this time and cites Alcoholics Anonymous for stopping both drinking and drug use.
In 1999, Beck married his second wife, Tania and had two children, Raphe and Cheyenne. After meeting Tania, Beck joined the Church of Latter Day Saints.

After his second marriage Beck identified himself with Libertarian views and a strong sense of family values. On radio he was becoming well known for strongly expressing his conservative views and criticism of political correctness, abortion, and the growing power of far left liberals.

The "Glenn Beck Program" began in 2000 and by January 2002, Premiere Radio Networks launched the show on 47 stations. The show then moved to Philadelphia, where it became available on more than 100 stations internationally. In 2006 Beck landed a prime-time news commentary show on CNN. The following year, he was making appearances on talk shows including ABC's Good Morning America. Beck guest-hosted Larry King Live in July 2008. Beck had the second-largest following on CNN. In October 2008, Beck left CNN to start his own show on the FOX News Channel. Glenn Beck premiered on the network the night before President Barack Obama was inaugurated.