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When you hear the name “Jenny Craig”, people think of the weight loss centers located across the United States and abroad.  Just how did this weight loss company become such a household name?  Established in 1983 by Jenny Craig and her husband Sidney in Melbourne, Australia, the company Jenny Craig has experienced continuing success.  Jenny Craig began business in the United States in 1985.

Jenny Craig, born as Geneviewve Guidroz, met her husband and married in 1979.  Sidney was the owner of a nationwide fitness club, and as a couple they founded Jenny Craig.  Nestlé Foods purchase the company in 2004 and operates under this umbrella as part of the nutrition department.

Jenny Craig, Inc. has become known as an affordable and effective choice for helping individuals lose weight.  The program offers attainable goals, support from a consultant and community, and guided food and exercise choices.  Jenny Craig was awareded the Franchisee Satisfaction Award in 2009, as well as other awards through the years.

The company numbers about 650 franchises as well as company owned centers.  Until May of 2002 the company was publicly owned, and was then purchased by an investment group.  Part of the success of this business is that even though there are multiple centers, customers can use the program via mail order meals.

Clients that are provided with an individual consultant, a specialized weight loss plan, and motivational incentives is the basis for the companies success.  As the company has grown, they have also offered a better range of choices for clients.  Exercise and meal programs are designed with the special “Your Style” questionnaire.  This is to decide the type of eater you are, what foods you like to eat, and what exercise you do.  This is used together to create an individualized plan to create success for each person.

Business was good for Jenny Craig over the years.   Known for her weight loss centers, the woman herself has been successful in other areas.  She has five children, 13 grandchildren, and is also an avid fan of basketball and antique cars.

Residing in the southern region of California, Jenny Craig owns an operating thoroughbred horse farm.  Her horses have run successfully, including one that ran in the Kentucky Derby.

Her personal health history includes a chronic dislocated jaw that required surgery and speech therapy.  This occurred in 1996, and made her unable to be the spokesperson for Jenny Craig.  Several years later, Jenny lost her husband Sid, in 2008.

The company has become a living legacy.  Millions of people have experience success using Jenny Craig, with affordable results.  Jenny Craig had a vision of helping individuals experience successful weight loss, and over the years has become a multimillion dollar success.  Jenny Craig now claims Kristi Ally among its list of spokespersons, with her losing over 70 pounds on the program.

Jenny Craig will continue to experience success as they continue to grow with new ideas and concepts to keep the company current and relevant.