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Everyone has heard of Disney and part of the reason why is due to Michael Eisner. Yes, Disney is a company that has been famous for generations, but Eisner is responsible for its continued success and the reason kids today know what Disney is all about. Eisner was CEO and Chairman of Disney from 1984-2005 and happened to be one of the highest paid CEOs in America.

Eisner, in hindsight, was ousted from his position of CEO and Chairman of Disney in 2004 when the Board of Directors opposed his reelection to chairman. He was not immediately moved from his position as CEO, however in March, 2005 Eisner stepped down from the company. Although no longer working at Disney he is still the majority shareholder.

Although Eisner was supposedly opposed as the leader of Disney by the BoE is because of dropping revenue, movie flops, and accusations of micro-management. He was replaced by his right hand man Bob Iger.

As of January, 2005 Eisner is hosting a one hour primetime interview show with CNBC. The show is called Conversations with Michael Eisner. Eisner has three sons, Breck Anders, and Eric.