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From early on in his life, Sir Richard Branson of Great Britain always had an entrepreneurial spirit. During his teenage years he began his first charitable organization, shortly after he opened a record store in London , and then in 1972 he, with partner Nik Powell, founded the famous Virgin Records. After supporting controversial bands such as the Sex Pistols and advancing the Culture Club he sold Virgin to EMI and opened V2 Records.

Not only has he cultivated his interest in the music world but he has also made progressive steps in the flight world. His interest in hot-air balloons has unmasked his unconventional and free spirit. Combined efforts with Steve Fossett, world famous hot air balloonist, led to the creation of the Global Flyer which charted the pacific coast from Japan to arctic Canada in record time.

Sir Branson was also the founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways (1984), Virgin Mobile (1999), Virgin Blue of Australia (2000), Virgin Express of Europe and Virgin Nigeria.  He is currently creating Virgin America airline and hopes to be based out of San Francisco by 2006.

Though he has been involved with businesses worldwide he never let go of his desire to help people and in 1984 formed a charitable organization for AIDS patients called Virgin Healthcare Foundation.

His latest endeavor is attempting advancement into infinite and beyond. He has created Virgin Galactic (2004), a space tourism company that boasts trips into outer space for a boarding fee of $200,000.