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Rupert Murdoch has built an empire and is the media magnate that founded the News Corporation and moved on to acquire some of the most used and profitable media businesses in the world.

His life started in Melbourne, Australia 3/11/31. He later went on to study at Oxford University and to work for the Daily Express for a couple of years.

When his father, Sir Keith Murdoch, who was a Melbourne publisher, passed away in 1952, Rupert Murdoch returned to Australia to take over his father's news business "The Adelaide News".

Starting with his "The Adelaide News" Rupert Murdoch made it turn a profit big enough for him to expand; enabling him to charge forward and create his global media empire.

Murdoch started with much effort and determination to acquire some of the most read and sought after newspapers in Australia, The United States and the United Kingdom.

His rise to the top was often surrounded by controversy. He was considered ruthless in part because of his relentless desire to succeed and his forceful management style. At one point he faced the workers union in his efforts to shape up his London operation which had overstaffing problems along with theft and in competency issues. This move angered a lot of people but his will to save money and gain profits won out.

In 1985 Rupert Murdoch became an American citizen, which he did in part to enable himself to develop television interests in the United States. Through the 1980's his Australia based media company the "News Corporation" grew quickly enabling him to buy interests in television stations, newspapers, magazines, book publishers and movies.

The astoundingly fast growth of his "News Corporation" and his move into the satellite TV market brought on a lot of debt. In the 1990's Murdoch budget was tight and he had trouble paying the bills. He eventually sold several of his magazines in the US to pay off some of his debt. This helped him move forward and get back on track.

The 1990's were a time of real growth for Rupert Murdoch. He continued a fast pace in his acquisitions of profitable companies and continued to grow into the superior media force he is today. His company moved on to own some of the biggest and well known names in the media world like 20th Century Fox, New York Post, Fox Television Studios, DIRECTV, Festival Records and Harper Collins Publishers.

In addition to his media world acquisitions, Murdoch bought the National Rugby League and the LA Dodgers. He eventually moved into the Internet playing field with his LineOne service along with many others.

Rupert Murdoch is a man who is always open to change no matter what age. In 2007 he shared his idea of a plan to help in some way to solve the problem of global warming. He decided to make his corporation carbon neutral. He announced to his employees that they would be required to limit their energy use. He also expected this to be shared with all his media forces.