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Sergey Brin is a Russian American computer scientist but most importantly he is the co-founder of the Google, which has changed how we all surf and explore the internet.

Sergey Brin was born in 1973 in Moscow Russia. He and his family moved to the United States in 1979. He was always intrigued by computers and one as made available to him at an early age. He went to University of Maryland where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and computer, with honors, in 1993.

He then moved on to Stanford University where he wanted to get his PhD in computer science and met Larry Page and started to make history. At first they seemed to have completely different opinions about everything and argued frequently. This changed after they spent a lot more time together. They came to respect each other and became fast friends. They were intellectual equals and driven when focused on a project they were excited about.

They crammed their dorm room with inexpensive computers and monitors and started testing their search engine creation on the web. The project grew fairly quickly with glitches here and there, part of the problem
due to the schools computer infrastructure. Finally they new they had a top notch search engine and in 1998 quit school to devote all their time to the project.

To help fund their work they started campaigning for funds from family, friends and faculty members at Stanford and eventually raised 1 million dollars. The monies they collected enabled them to buy servers and rent the now famous garage space in Menlo Park.

Soon after they had their services and a place to work, Andy Bechtolsheim, co founder of Sun Microsystems gave them a check for $100,000 to invest in Google and made the check out to Google, Inc. The funny thing was they couldn't cash the check yet because they hadn't yet incorporated the business so technically it didn't exist. They had to hang on to the check for two weeks until Google, Inc. was incorporated.

As Google became more and more popular the company continually grew their computer power, adding bigger and better servers, improved all its technology and eventually needed to move to a bigger work environment. They are now located in Mountain View, CA and the new headquarters was named "Googleplex"

The rest is history and it has had a huge impact on the world. Google is now the world's most used search engines. Over 200 million searches are made every day.

In August 2004, Google held its first pubic offering which made Brin and Page instant billionaires. Another great move they made after was to buy the popular You Tube video streaming site for a whopping $1.65 billion
in stock.

Forbes magazine named Brin and page the fifth most power people in the world in November 2009.

They keep coming up with new features and tools that you can use along with Google to optimize your search results, Google analytics, and the popular Gmail email service. The world is waiting for just what they will
come up with next.