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Most know Simon Cowell as the blunt critic on American Idol, however the English born artist and Sony BMG U.K. executive, has been a judge on other programs such as The X Factor and Pop Idol. He was born in Brighton, England to Julie, a socialite and Eric, a music industry property executive and developer. He has one younger brother, Nicholas and three half-brothers & one half sister.

After dropping out of school at age 15, he worked several small jobs before getting a job at EMI Music Publishing where his father worked, in the mail room. He later worked as a assistant to the A&R department. Through the early 80s, he was promoted to record producer, but later left to create his own independent music company entitled E&S Music. After a year, the label founded. After that failure, he created another label, Fanfare Records. After Fanfare’s mother company folded, the business went bankrupt, which made Cowell move back home. However, his bad luck ran out fast – earning a job as a A&R consultant for BMG Records.

His success has expanded since that period of time. In fact, in 2006, he signed two new deals including earning $38 million per series of American Idol as well as a deal to broadcast American Inventor and Got Talent, two programs from his production companies. And since 2005, he signed a contract to continue work with BMG as well.

Pop Idol began in 2001 with Cowell as a host. In 2002, he began a host for AI as well. Ultimately, his S recorded has signed two of the top finishers in the competition of Pop Idol and both went on to record #1 UK hits for his pocketbook. Cowell also magages a group of three opera singers and 1 pop singer called Il Divo. The group has performed all over the world including on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The X-Factor is another British take on AI, having been created by his personal production company, Syco. Sharon Osbourne is among the panel of judges for the show. One of his latest creations include American Inventor (debuted on ABC), where various individuals work on presenting the best invention possible to a panel of judges. The first winner was Janusz Liberkowski who earned $1 million and a chance to pitch the idea to a large corporation. Lastly, America’s Got Talent is a NBC show that has people vying against each other to prove their talent potentials. Other Cowell shows include: Grease is The Word, Celebrity Duets & Rock Rivals. Cowell is a published author as well and is estimated to earn nearly £54.25m per year.