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In 1938 Ted Turner was born in Cincinnati , however his family moved to Atlanta shortly thereafter. Turner always was sharp with an entrepreneurial spirit even as a child. This shined through even more when he attended Brown University . He was elected to the Board of his alma mater in 1999.

Turner’s ambition launched him into the television business and in 1980 he introduced a network that provided live news 24 hours a day and seven days a week. His new network was simply called CNN and it became wildly popular. So much so in fact that by 1985 CNN International was a reality and broadcasting live global news to over 210 countries and territories worldwide. The CNN programming continued to be successful via the radio and in airports and by 1997 CNN en espanol was introduced and experienced the same success as the initial CNN in English.

In the same year the popular Goodwill Games were introduced by Turner and they have since been held every four years with some winter games being held on a different schedule. Success was simply following Turner and in 1988 TNT, Turner Network Television, was introduced based on a library of MGM films and programming.

Success continued in the mid ‘90s when TNT merged with cable conglomerate Time Warner. Turner then turned his talents to managing this massive empire of his. Turner is known not only as a massive business success, but also as the philanthropist and all around good guy.