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On February 29 in 1960 Anthony Robbins was born in Glendora, California. He led a relatively normal childhood and ultimately grew up to become an American Motivational Speaker, life coach, and a best-selling writer. His philosophy focuses on helping individuals help themselves through overcoming doubt, associating their pasts with pain and new futures with pleasure, and eating a vegetarian lifestyle among others. Tony Robbins is certainly part of the New Age movement.

Tony Robbins has become very successful presenting his ideas on how individuals can live successful lives and achieve all of their goals. In fact, he has spoken and presented his ideas to presidents George W. Bush as well as Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Mikhail Gorbachev, and many other world leaders and famous individuals. Robbins is successful at helping individuals take the power within in order to reach their goals.

Although there are people that criticize Tony Robbins methods, philosophy, and ideology, he is still amazingly successful and has thousands if not millions of supporters. In fact, Robbins has even been said to be eyeing the presidency of 2008. His books and ideals he represents seem to mark him a Democrat, but he has not openly discussed his party and which party he would seek nomination from should he run for presidency. Only time will tell the answers.

Robbins has also had several media appearances due to his amazing popularity and has appeared in movies, shows, and other types of programming. Robbins is 46 years old.

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