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Walt Disney is not just an amazing theme park, but was also an amazingly talented man. Walt Disney was an voice actor, producer, writer, screenplay producer, among many, many other things. He was December 5, 1901, in Chicago. He attended school until the age of 16 when he dropped out to become a volunteer ambulance driver in World War II. However, before he did this he has been taking art classes to cultivate his God given talent. Despite the fact that he doodled and drew while working with the American Red Cross in France until 1919, he did not have formal education for his art during this time.

After the war Disney returned to the states and began an animation company with a friend called the Iwerks Disney-Commercial Artists. They focused on providing animation for movie houses and any other client that might be in need of their services. By 1923 the company was spending more than it was earning so Disney said goodbye to his staff, filed for bankruptcy, took the final reel of his last project, bought a one way ticket to California, and went to live near his brother Roy. Although his first company did not work out that would not stop Walt as he went into business with his brother when he arrived. They named their business The Disney Brothers Studio that was later named the Walt Disney Studio and finally Walt Disney Productions in 1928.

After brief successes the main star for the Disney brothers was lost and Walt was under pressure to develop a new one, so Mickey Mouse was born. This success spiraled the Disney brothers into more successful ventures, like the movies. Movies such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Fantasia, Dumbo, and many others were hits with the country even if financial disappointments. Despite this Disney continued working and in 1940 he began planning Disneyland. In 1964 plans for Walt Disney World in Florida was introduced.

Today Disney is a worldwide company that has theme parks in multiple countries and is still involved in all types of television production and movie development.