Using Lean Techniques to Create Interest in Your Business

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Most marketing people know that public relations (PR) are an effective way to create interest in your business. Lean Sales and Marketing techniques can help. Lean techniques are normally about reducing wasteful activities and increasing the effects. Lean can also be used in marketing. Most businesses experience waste in marketing pursuits. They spend more money, time and energy than needed. Most of the time there is only a 2 percent conversion rate on marketing money spend. Since PR has a low cost to results ratio it is a good place to focus your Lean marketing efforts. Here are few areas to pursue right now.

Public speaking is a great way to get your company recognized. Find local groups that need a speaker, trade shows and lecture series that relate to your business and products. If you are selling medical supplies, you should be setting yourself up for presentations at medical based trade shows. Once you find a venue, contact the managers in charge and ask about the possibility of adding you as a speaker. You will get some rejection but that is part of the process. You will also find there are places that need someone to speak. You will want to know if a speech is the only need or if you should include a question and answer section also. Your friends and employees can help you field possible questions that may arise from responses to your lecture. Expert preparation is critical if you are going to sell your products to people who are prequalified. It’s also important to be the best you can be so you start to be invited to be on panels and speak at more events.

Local clubs and professional organizations also offer great opportunities to allow public speaking to advertise your business. Many people recommend businesses to friends and colleagues because they are local or because they are involved with a charity they also support. At the same time, charities often get the attention of the local press which can mean good PR for your business since you helped raise money for a worthy cause.

Finding bloggers in your market that are willing to write about you and your services is a great way to get free PR. Search the Internet for bloggers and journalist that write about your market. Try this search in Google: blogger medical guest posts. List your favorite bloggers, and learn everything you can about them. Follow them on Twitter. Stay on top of what they are saying. Send them emails or comment on their blogs with insights into what they have written. Your insights should be brief and to the point to demonstrate your industry knowledge. After spending a couple of months building your relationship, offer a story idea that fits into the main ideas they have been conveying. Highlight specific points that will be of interest to the audience. Don’t worry if they do not use your idea right away, the point is to build the relationship. If you are getting responses back to unsolicited comments you are meeting your objective.

Continue to build your network of bloggers, journalists, and speaking opportunities and your PR will be well on the way.