Documenting an Injury or Accident

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If you have ever been involved in an accident and been the victim of personal injury, you understand how distressing that can be. It begins with the initial shock, and then you proceed to making sure that everyone is all right. You,or hopefully a professional checks your injuries, those others in the accident, and the other dangers and damages. The following is intended to help you get through the rest of the situation unscathed. It is based on what to do if in a car accident but can be applied to many circumstances.

1. Call the police or other local law enforcement agency. If there were serious injuries, be sure to make that call to 911. This is your most important first step so that you will have a legal record of the accident for insurance purposes. It doesn’t matter whose fault the accident was, insurance companies prefer this.

2. Exchange information with the other driver including name, address, vehicle description, tag number, insurance information, driver’s license number, etc. All of this information will be used to file the insurance claim, so be thorough.

3. Take pictures of your vehicle, the other car, and the surrounding area, intersection, etc. showing as much information about the auto accident as you can. This should also include street signs, stop signs, and other pertinent information about the auto accident.

4. Get in touch with our insurance agent and provide them with as much information about the auto accident as you can. This should include the police report, the information you have obtained from the other party, and the photos you have taken. All of this will help lead to a much faster response from the responsible insurance company.

5. Let the DMV know about the accident as quickly as possible. This is a legal requirement, so notify them right away, and ask them about your responsibility in this situation.

Being involved in an auto accident is unfortunate, but they take place every day. You just never know when it will be your turn. For this reason, it is a good idea to contact a car accident lawyer in advance so that you will have their number handy just in case you ever need their help.

Following the tips above will help to insure that you are covered in case there is a dispute as to who was responsible, and having a car accident lawyer on your side will help you come out on the other side a winner.